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Walden Farms Coffee Creamer - Original Cream - 355ml

Walden Farms Coffee Creamer - Original Cream - 355ml

Ref: LP228

In stock

  • Servings: Various
  • Serving Size: 15ml
  • Carbs Per Serving: 0g
  • Protein Per Serving: 0g


Walden Farms Coffee Creamers, in choice of natural flavours (original cream, French vanilla, mocha, sweet cream and hazelnut), 355ml bottles. Fat free, sugar free, carb free, gluten free, dairy free, per serving. Great in coffee, smoothies, iced coffee, milk and more. Suitable for dieters and diabetics. Kosher certified (U).

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION per 15ml serving (one tablespoon), bottle serves 24: Zero calories, Fat zero of which saturates zero, Carbohydrates zero of which sugars zero, Fibre zero, Protein zero, Sodium 5mg.

INGREDIENTS: for Hazelnut flavour (other flavours the same apart from flavour): Purified water, Food colour, Carrageenan, Sucralose, Cream flavour (non-dairy), Sodium acid sulfate, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate (to preserve freshness), Xanthan gum, Hazelnut flavour, Vanilla flavour, Salt, Beta-carotene.

Price: 4.99

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