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Lose Weight by Eating

Lose Weight by Eating

Ref: LO005

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Lose Weight by Eating - The Scandinavian Diet, by Sten Sture Skaldeman, published by Little Moon. Steady, stable and healthy weight reduction, avoiding fads and yo-yo diets. Includes advice, recipes, and the science behind it. LOW PRICE FROM US - elsewhere 13.99.

Why is obesity, heart disease and diabetes more common than ever? Sten Skaldeman tells you the answer: welcome to The Scandivavian Diet.

This book takes you back to the diet mankind was evolved to eat. By eating the right foods, you can lose weight without having to starve yourself.

The recipes are divided into ones for people 2 - 4 stone (28-56 lbs; 13-25 kg) overweight, people 4 to 8 stone (56-112 lbs: 25-51 kg) overweight and 8 or more stone overweight.

When the author was 60, he weighed 150 kilos, had pre-diabetes and very high blood pressure. He had tried everything and decided to give up and to "pig out" on steaks, beefs, eggs and bacon. This crazy decision saved his life. One and a half years later, he had lost over 60 kilos. You can now share his secret, for the first time in English.

This is a real book.

Price: 2.95

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