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Balance No Added Sugar Jam - Cherry 220g

Balance No Added Sugar Jam - Cherry 220g

Ref: LP002

In stock


No added sugar cherry jam with sweetener.Delicious Cherry jam from Balance. Jam packed with Cherries.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION per 100g (jar is 220g): 162 kCal (calories), Fat 0g of which saturates 0g, Carbohydrates 63.6g of which sugars 5.3g, polyols 58.5g, Fibre 0.8g, Protein 0g, Salt 0.035g.

INGREDIENTS: Maltitol syrup, cherries, gelling agent:pectin, acid:citric acid, sodium citrate. Prepared with 50g of fruit.

Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.

Price: 2.99

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