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Andy's LowCarb Gluten-Free Bread Mix Box of 5

Andy's LowCarb Gluten-Free Bread Mix Box of 5

Ref: LAGB10

In stock

  • Servings: 5
  • Serving Size: 25g powder making 65g loaf
  • Net Carbs Per Serving: 5.2g
  • Protein Per Serving: 15g

Low carb gluten-free bread mix, box of 5 25g sachets/servings making 5 loaves in total. High protein, low carb (5.2g carbs per serving), low sugars, no added sugar, reduced calorie (88 kCal per serving), low fat. Suitable for dieters, diabetics and people with gluten intolerance.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION per serving/loaf: 88 kCal, Fat 0.6g of which saturates 0.2g, Carbohydrate 5.2g of which sugars 0.2g, Fibre 0.5g, Protein 15g, Salt 1.4g. Contains the minerals potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

INGREDIENTS: Milk proteins (emulsifier sunflower and soy lecithin), Powdered egg white and yolk, Modified starch, Soy protein concentate, Pea proteins, Stabilisers sodium triphosphate and sodium hydrogen carbonate, Flavouring, Salt, Thickener xanthan gum, Anticaking agent magnesium carbonate.

ALLERGENS: Contains milk, soy and egg.

Price: 5.95

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