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Judy's classic caramel creations are truly "one of a kind… made one at a time."

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Devon Toffees with Sweeteners. Suitable for Diabetics.
Sugar Free Everton Mints with a soft toffee centre. 70g Bag.
Delicious mint toffees. Low carb, gluten free, kind to teeth, no colours
Sugar Free & Low Carb Fruit & Juice Toffees 90g Bag Full Flavour Chewy Fruity Toffees - Really Delicious Sugar Free, and Low Carb suitable for Diabetics and other Dieters.
Full Flavour Creamy Chocolate, Coffee and Caramel all with Cream Flavours - Really Delicious Sugar Free, Low Fat, and Low Carb suitable for Diabetics and other Dieters. Gluten Free, Sodium Free, Kind to Teeth, Natural colours, and 30% Less Calories
Another classic now available in Sugar Free and Low Carb. Mouthwatering!
These delicious bite-size candies offer a satisfying crunch. Crisped rice and tasty caramel are covered in chocolate candy. A tasty sugar free treat!
Chewy Spearmint Chews, sugar free and low carb. Selection of chewy sweets individually wrapped from Thornes.