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Cocos Pure - Coconut Water - Special Introductory Price!!!

330ml - 6g carbs per serving

Cocos Pure is a natural hydration drink with no added sugar or preservatives and is gluten-free, electrolyte-rich, and anti-oxidant.


Damhert Banana Chocolate Bar - Best Before 25 May 2014

50g - 7.1g carbs per serving

Small 50g Banana flavoured Chocolate Bar. Sweetened with 'Tagatose' which has a GI of 7.5 which is lower than all other sweeteners.


Dietimeal MRP Shakes - Vanilla - Single Sachet - Best Before End May 2014

34.5g - 25.9 carbs per serving

Complete Meal Replacement Shake. 1 sachet is equivalent to a meal. Contains 12 Vitamins and 11 minerals and only 224kcal. Not suitable for early stages of Atkins Diet. The Carb,Protein and Fat values include the Milk required to make the shake.

Case of 15: £20.00

Extend Bars - Chocolate Delight

40g - 2g carbs per serving

ExtendBar is designed to help manage your blood sugar and your weight by stabilizing your blood sugar for 7 to 9 hours. ExtendBar is also a sugar-free, low fat, high protein snack that is clinically proven to help you: Control Hunger & Cravings. Eat up to 21% less calories at meals, Control blood sugar up to 9 hours day and night, Maintain energy longer


Jok n Al Cocktail Sauce

300ml - 3g carbs per serving

With only 1g of Sugar per 30ml, this is a wonderful sauce for any Low Sugar or Low Carb diets. Also Gluten Free..


Jok n Al Mint Sauce - Special Offer !!!

300ml - 1.9g carbs per serving

The perfect addition to any roast dinner. Low Calorie and Low Carb.


Jok n Al Tomato Ketchup

300g - 2.7g carbs per serving

The Favorite Sauce To Accompany Meat, Fish, Savory Dishes etc.


Voortman Sugar Free Almonette Cookies - Best Before 03 May 2014

227g - 6g carbs per serving

12 Sugar Free Almond Cookies. No Trans Fats