Sugar Free Cherry Lollypop - Heart
Sugar Free Fruity Lollypop
Sugar Free Round Cherry Lollypop
The Candy Makers - Everton Mints - Reduced to Clear!!!
Sure Sugar Free Mints - Cool Mint - Reduced to Clear !!!
Lizis Original Granola - 50g - Best Before 30 Sep 2014
Extend Bars - Mixed Berry Delight - Best Before 20 Oct 14
Simpkins Mixed Fruit Drops
Woodies - Hazelnut
Hot Chocolate Drink Sachet - Prodia - Chocolate
Woodies - Orange
Green Top Pork Crunch - Hot n Spicy
Green Top Pork Crunch - Original
Green Top Pork Crunch - Jalapeno
Lizis Pink Apple & Cinnamon Granola - 40g
Lizis Treacle and Pecan Granola - 40g
Lizis Belgian Chocolate Granola - 40g
Walden Farms Salad Dressing - Russian - Best Before 28 Aug 2014
Shirataki Noodles (Konnyaku) - Plain - Special Offer Price!!
Balance Bar - Dark Orange 35g
Balance Bar - Dark 35g
Balance Bar - Dark Vanilla 35g
Balance Bar - White Chocolate 35g
Balance Bar - Milk Chocolate 35g
AJ's Sugar Free Aniseed Sweets
Balance No Added Sugar Chocolate Wafer
AJ's Sugar Free Old Favourites
AJ's Sugar Free Winter Mixture
AJ's Sugar Free Clear Mints
AJ's Sugar Free Banoffee Sweets
AJ's Sugar Free Strawberry & Cream Sweets
AJ's Sugar Free Pineapple Chunks
AJ's Sugar Free Apple & Blackcurrant
AJ's Sugar Free Rhubarb & Custard
AJ's Sugar Free Sherbet Lemons
AJ's Sugar Free Bakewell Tart Sweets
AJ's Sugar Free Apple and Pear
AJ's Sugar Free Apple & Banana Rock Sweets
AJ's Sugar Free Mint Humbugs
AJ's Sugar Free Dairy Butterscotch
Stockleys Assorted Toffees
Extend Crisps - Zesty Ranch - Best Before 28 Oct 2014
Extend Crisps - Honey BBQ - Best Before 27 Oct 2014
Thornes Boiled Sweets - Everton Mints
AJ's Sugar Free Cola Fizz
The Candy Makers - Dandelion & Burdoch
AJ's Sugar Free Orange and Lemon Sweets
AJ's Sugar Free Barley Sugar
AJ's Sugar Free Butter Mint Humbugs
AJ's Sugar Free Strawberry Sherbets