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.....£10 Gift Voucher.....

Comes in a special wallet.


.....£15 Gift Voucher.....

Comes in a special wallet.


Balance Assorted Chocolate Collection - 148g Box

148g - <1g carbs per serving

Box of 12 Belgian Chocolates. Due to all Chocolates being different, we cannot give you an exact Carb Count for each chocolate, however, each Chocolate is less than 1g Effective Carbs.


Cavalier Belgian Chocolates - 250g

250g - 1.2g carbs per serving

250g Box of Luxury Belgian Chocolates from Cavalier. No Added Sugar.


Jelly Belly Gift Box - 120g - Best Before 02 Apr 2014

120g - 5g carbs per serving

10 Flavour Jelly Belly Sugar Free Gift Box. Enjoy our Jelly Belly jelly beans without sugar! Assorted gift box weighing 120g. Maximum flavour for the minimum of fuss!