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Damhert TagaCao Instant Chocolate Drink

200g - 7.6g carbs per serving

Just stir in 2 tablespoons of TagaCao to a glass of Hot or Cold Soya Milk (or cows) for a delicious chocolate drink. Sweetened with 'Tagatose' which has the lowest GI of all the sweeteners!


Dietimeal High Protein Hot Chocolate Drink Mix

185.5g - 1.4g carbs per serving

7 sachets of instant Hot Chocolate drink. Just add hot water, stir and hey presto!


Dietimeal Hot Chocolate Drink 450g Tub

450g - 2.6g carbs per serving

17 servings of Dietimeal Hot Chocolate Drink. Just add water. Contains 18g of High Quality Protein per serving.


Hot Chocolate Drink Sachet - Prodia - Chocolate

14g - 1.4g carbs per serving

Instant hot chocolate. Just add to hot water. Single sachets for convenience.