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Case of 15: £20.25

Atkins Endulge Bar - Peanut Caramel

35g - 2.1g carbs per serving

This is sheer indulgence. Luxury milk chocolate bar embedded with peanut caramel. Yes, when it comes to snacking, you really can have it all.Suitable for stages 2,3 and 4 on the Atkins Diet.


Atkins Endulge Candy Bar - Caramel Nut Chew

35g - 2g carbs per serving

Imagine all the richness of chewy caramel, dry-roasted peanuts and nougat coated in chocolate, and with low sugar. That's right, Atkins Endulge(TM) Caramel Nut Chew not only tastes great but it's good for you, with high protein and low in sugar alcohols.


Atkins Endulge Candy Bar - Dark Chocolate Coconut

40g - 3g carbs per serving

Are you a chocolate purist? Or do you like to experiment with chocolate plus coconut? Atkins Endulge has just what you crave with these delicious Chocolate Covered Coconut Bars. Rich coconut coated with sweet chocolate.

Case of 12: £21.25

Cavalier 85g Chocolate Bars - Milk Hazelnut

85g - 7.5g/bar carbs per serving

Cavalier offers the same exquisite taste as leading Belgian Chocolates but with no sugar added. Cavalier chocolates are made with real cocoa, and contain no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colours, no preservaties and no GMO.


Dietisnack High Protein Bars - Caramel Peanut Crunch

287g / 7 bars - 5.6g carbs per serving

A chewy nougat center with a layer of caramel and peanuts, all wrapped in chocolate. So good, it's hard to believe it's a protein bar. Our best seller! 150 calories 15g protein 5.6g carbohydrate. Box of 7 Bars.


Torras Chocolate Bar - Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut

75g - 1g carbs per serving

A smooth milk chocolate bar with hazelnuts.