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Almond Flour (Ground Almonds) 500g

500g - 23.4g carbs per serving

A Low Carb baking ingredient to give a lovely almondy flavour to your baking.


Black Soy Beans - Organic - 425g

425g - 1g carbs per serving

A versatile medium large, round, deliciously sweet bean. Especially heart healthy, rich in fiber, soy protein and isoflavone nutrients. No salt added. The only low carb bean.


Dark Sugar Free Chocolate Chips

150g - 1.95g carbs per serving

Large 150g bag of Dark Chocolate Mini Chocolate Chips. These are irrestibly moreish and a handful just isn't enough! Also, suitable for baking. Contains only 1.95g carbs / 50g


Diabeti Sweet Sugar Substitute - White

454g - 0.1g carbs per serving

Tastes As Good As Sugar With No Aftertaste. Baking and Cooking Formula. Aspartame Free. "Measure for Measure" One Cup Of DiabetiSweet = One Cup Of Sugar.


Erythritol Granular - 454g

454g - 0g carbs per serving

Erythritol, a ployol (sugar alcohol), is a good-tasting sweetener which is suitable for a variety of reduced-calorie and sugar-free foods. It can be used as a sugar substitute in most sugar-free recipes.



15ml - 0g carbs per serving

1 drop = 2 tsp sugar. EZ-Sweetz is a zero calorie, concentrated liquid sucralose solution. Sucralose is the generic name of the sweetener being sold as Splenda. EZ-Sweetz tastes like sugar, is convenient to use, and easy to store. With its variety of features, EZ -Sweetz is a great alternative sugar substitute. EZ-Sweetz has no Maltodextrin, Dextrose, and other chemical fillers. EZ-Sweetz has no after taste, and is very stable when exposed to high temperatures. EZ-Sweetz can be used where sugar is used, including: cold and hot beverages, bakery, and general home cooking purposes.


Fat (Not) Creme It Mix - Soy (Tofu) Fiber Powder

226g - 0.9g carbs per serving

Mix with water to make shakes, gravies and sauces. Dairy, sugar and gluten free


Ground Almonds - 125g

125g - 4.3g carbs per serving

A Low Carb baking ingredient to give a lovely almondy flavour to your baking.


Kitchen Breading and Batter Mix - 165g

165g - 1g carbs per serving

Now you can have oven baked or fried foods like your old style high carb favorites. Just coat with this great low carb breading and make delicious "fried" chicken, onion rings, shrimp, etc. Great for oven baking, too.


Maltitol Sweetener - 354ml

354ml - 0g carbs per serving

Zero Carb liquid Maltitol sweetener. Excellent for baking or sweetening just about anything.


Soya Flour - 1kg


Great for low carb baking.


Soya Protein Isolate Powder - Natural

500g - Trace carbs per serving

Can be used as a thickener is stews, gravies, soups etc or can be taken as a high protein drink. Can also be used a part flour replacer in baking. This is a remarkably versatile product!!


Sukrin Gold - All Natural Alternative to Brown Sugar

220g - 2.9g carbs per serving

Sukrin Gold All Natural Sweetener is a delicious brown Sugar with a sweeter and richer taste! 100% Natural, less than 1 kcal per tsp. Only 1 kcal per tps (5g). Totally natural, made from polyols, stevia and malt (gluten free). Rich in taste and flavour with no bitter after taste. Perfect in tea and coffee. Makes baking and deserts sugar free with no loss of flavour or texture.


Sukrin Granulated - Zero Calorie Alternative to Sugar

500g - 0g carbs per serving

Sukrin is an all-natural, safe and calorie-free alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. It is suitable for diabetics, low-carbers and everyone wishing to avoid sugar.


SukrinMelis - Zero Calorie All Natural Alternative to Icing Sugar

400g - 0g carbs per serving

Yes! Sugar Free Icing Sugar!!SukrinMelis is powdered Sukrin. It has the same uses as Sukrin, but dissolves more readily. SukrinMelis is well-suited for cheese cakes, icings and baking.


Tagatesse (Tagatose) Table Sweetener

500g - 0g carbs per serving

Tagatose – Toothfriendly sugar. Tagatose is the first sugar which does not promote dental caries. Tagatose has an extremely low GI (7.5) so is perfect for people following Low Carb Diets. It also has the lowest GI of all sweeteners. Suitable for Cooking and Baking. 100g Sugar = 50g Tagatose


Torras Cooking Chocolate

200g - 4g per bar carbs per serving

Rich Dark Chocolate specially formulated for cooking. Sugar Free and Very Low in Carbohydrate.


Wheat Gluten Powder - 1kg

1 Kg

Wheat Gluten Powder for Low Carb Baking...


Whey Protein Isolate Powder - 300g

300g - 2.3g carbs per serving

Unflavoured whey protein isolate powder. Can be used for baking or as a drink mix. 31g of protein per 40g serving.


White Flour Substitute - Carbalose

1.36kg - 19g carbs per serving

Carbalose is a revolutionary new flour that can be used in place of wheat flour, but contains 80% less carbs. Use like regular flour in most recipes!


Xylitol Sweetener 250g

250g - 0g carbs per serving

Xylitol has all the sweetness of common sugars yet 40% fewer calories. Proven to fight cavities, safe for diabetics, excellent in weight management, with a low GI,it is an ideal alternative for anyone who prefers a healthier life-style. Can be used in cakes, sponges, cereals, over fruit or in your favourite dish in equal amounts as regular sugar.