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Atkins Endulge Clusters are made with indulgent caramel and real roasted pecans wrapped in rich chocolate. A decadent treat that satisfies your sweet tooth, without the carbs and sugar.

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The latest addition to the Atkins range. Chocolate covered wafers only 2.6g net carbs per two finger bar. Suitable for all stages of the Atkins diet. Sold in a pack of 3 wafers.
Another addition to the growing Atkins UK range. High protein fibre pasta, 2.4g of Net Carbs and 13g of protein per 25g serving. 70% less carbs than normal pasta.
Roasted peanuts dipped in rich chocolate and covered in a candy shell that will satisfy your sweet tooth without the carbs or sugar!
Rich and smooth chocolate dipped in a candy shell that will satisfy your sweet tooth with only 1 gram of sugar and 1g carbs.
Triple Chocolate - What's better than chocolate? Triple chocolate. Because when you're looking for a snack bar, you need something that will keep you going and that tastes good. This protein bar comes packed with cocoa crisps, gets dipped and drizzled into even more chocolaty goodness and topped off with more chocolate chips.
A Cinnamon bun flavor that provides a sweet, cinnamon taste topped with a light flavor of icing , high in protein and fiber with a good source of calcium to start your day with with a taste and nutrition advantage. Medical research has proven Mother right, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So rather than falling prey to sugary donuts full of empty calories, enjoy a chewy, delicious, totally satisfying Atkins Breakfast Bar. Absolutely no sugar added, plenty of body-nourishing protein, natural non-hydrogenated fat, real fruit, other natural ingredients and loads of essential vitamins and minerals. Mother would approve.
Delicious, creamy milk chocolate flavor with the optimal mix of protein, low sugar and essential vitamins and minerals.
Healthy people with discriminating palates have the final word: Atkins Advantage Chocolate Peanut Butter bar is one of the top 10 selling nutrition bars on the market today because it tastes great and provides a nutrition advantage. It's the perfect snack or meal when you need both a quick chocolate and peanut butter fix, and the nutrient-packed fuel to keep you going. Do yourself a favour before you grab that next energy or snack bar, read the nutrition label. Chances are its loaded with as much sugar as a sweet bar, so your hunger pangs will soon come roaring back. Do your body a favour; enjoy a low carb Atkins Advantage Bar instead. No sugar added, no harmful trans fats. Nutrient-dense, made from top-quality proteins and healthy natural fats. Plus 40%-70% of a days supply of 19 essential vitamins and minerals. Some enjoy them as a snack...others as a meal replacement. The point is, Advantage Bars taste so good, everyone enjoys them!
Atkins Advantage Peanut Butter Granola bars pack two healthy staples with the smart nutrition you need to keep going: creamy peanut butter and crunchy granola. When you need nutrition on-the-go, this is one powerhouse that will never fail your taste and energy needs. ..